Anyone in the film / TV production business???

So yesterday, while cooking and watching Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network, it caught my attention when at the end of the show they said something to the effect of, “if you have a struggling restaurant contact us…” and I thought, HEY, what about if you have a struggling idea to get started!?!

Here I am, a woman passionate about cooking, with lots of potential business (ie. people who are so patiently waiting for me to wind up in a legitimate kitchen so I can start cooking FOR REAL), but I can’t get this off the ground without borrowing a boatload of money.  I just do not want to get back into the world of debt.  After borrowing for my first business venture and needing to sell when it was not a great time, I just am very gun shy at the idea of borrowing again.  I had planned to just do this from home while I built up capital to get my own place.  But, as you know, that plan was shot to pieces as soon as I started to do my homework on HOW you can get going and the fact that you cannot (legally) without the cash upfront to get a commercial health dept approved kitchen.  And the thing is, I am not alone.  There are people all over this town who are starting up food based businesses from home illegally because they cannot find a part time kitchen to cook in and don’t have the funds to do it the way the health department wants them to.  There are culinary incubators all over the state, just no where close to us.

So… I decided to look on the FN website to see if they have a spot to send new show ideas (I didn’t think they would but decided to look nonetheless).  They do not of course.   They say they only accept new show ideas from production companies.  I don’t know if any of you out there have any contacts in the production industry, but if you do I have a great idea (or 2).  I watch Food Network religiously and think this idea would be a big hit and would be an opportunity to help out very small businesses.  Here we are in a struggling economy where the government is talking about helping the little guy and supporting small business.  And at the same time we see this is an example of government regulations and restrictions preventing the growth of business (sorry, back down from my soap box)).  I’m looking for a way to get past that hurdle and grow a small business anyways.

I know this is a stretch, and many of you are laughing right now at my notion that this could even work. But those of you who know me well, also know that I am not one to be afraid of going after something that is a stretch.  I figure, these shows happen for someone, it might as well be for me.  I am passionate and excited about something and I am going to do everything I can to make it happen.

PS – I successfully made a biscuit last week so miracles do happen.