Biscuit Confessions

I have a confession to make.  I. Can. Not. Make. Biscuits.

I swear, I can make practically anything else you ask me to make, but for the life of me I cannot make a good, flaky, delicious buttermilk biscuit.  It is a sad, sad truth that I just have to finally admit to someone other than Jeff.  Trust me, he knows.  He has known and has had to deal with this shortcoming for years.  Not only that, he has had to deal with me trying to make them over and over and over.  And I fail, over and over and over!

I can make sweet potato biscuits and really good ones at that.  I can make a flaky, delicious pie crust, and a 6 tier quilted fondant covered wedding cake, but I can’t perfect the biscuit.  What on earth is so hard about it?  I seriously don’t know.  I use all the appropriate heart clogging ingredients.  I follow the recipe (all 1.5 million I have tried).  And still they are flat, sometimes hard, and taste a bit like cardboard at times.  I just can’t figure it out.

Tonight, I decided to try again.  I had thrown together a delicious Guinness Pot Roast (recipe below) and decided it was time to try my nemesis once more and I dragged out a cookbook to try yet another biscuit recipe.  I have tried this one before so I decided to make some of my own alterations to see what would happen.  It couldn’t be much worse than it has been.


It was my best effort yet.  Even Jeff said so!  Still a little flat but they tasted good and were very much edible.  I am going to keep trying, and trying, and eventually I will proudly post the recipe here to celebrate.



Small Pot Roast (rubbed all over with salt, pepper, cayenne, chili powder, and cumin seed – use seasonings to your taste)

3 small russet potatoes cut into 1 in or smaller pieces

1 shallot sliced

5 green onions cut into 1 in pieces (discard green ends)

2 cups baby carrots cut in half diagonally

2 portabella mushroom caps sliced in strips

1 Guinness Beer

1/4 cup Worcestershire

Olive Oil

Coarse Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper

Place seasoned roast in a roasting pan.  Place veggies around and on top of roast.  Pour in 1/2 to 3/4 of the Guinness (drink the rest!) and the Worcestershire.  Drizzle all over with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt & fresh ground pepper.  Place in a 275 degree oven covered with foil.  Use a meat thermometer to watch the temp and to cook meat to your desired doneness.  I like mine medium so I take it out when it reaches medium rare because it will continue to cook a bit while it sits.  Allow it to sit 10 min before slicing.  Slice the whole roast and stir in with the veggies and the juices.

I served it with the “good effort” biscuits and sugar snap peas.  Great well-balanced dinner everyone enjoyed, sad biscuits and all.  It helped to soak up the juices from the roast in the biscuit!