The Love of Friends

This past weekend, I had the true pleasure of helping pull off a surprise party for a dear friend.  What made this party so much more special than your average surprise birthday party was that this friend has had a seriously rough year, like the kind that makes you look to God and say, “SERIOUSLY???”  The kind of year that makes you want to wake up and find out it was all a bad dream and you get a do-over.  But, that is all turning around, I feel sure of it.  A few days before the party, she got some life changing news that could have been utterly tragic, but that bad news was followed by a some truly exciting news that showed her God is with her.  God is carrying her through this, and the 34th year of her life is going to be so much better!  We were able to celebrate not only her birthday, but the fact that she will be here to celebrate tons more of those days with us.  She is the kind of friend who brings life to a party, who loves to have fun and who truly lives fully.  I have always known I am a sap and a crier, but I laughed at myself when she walked through to the door to the sounds of her friends and family singing (sounding more like wounded cats) happy birthday.  My eyes filled when I saw her & I was overcome with joy.  It was one of my favorite surprises I have ever been a part of.  The next few months will be challenging but she is surrounded by people who love her and will carry her through, no matter what.

I has lucky to be able to make her a beautiful birthday cake and many other goodies to eat.  I have lots of girlfriends who are amazing cooks so we ate very well Saturday night!  I’ll share some recipes this afternoon when I can get them all together.

Commander, we all love you – I hope that is obvious!

Psalm 116:7

Be at rest once more, o’ my soul, for the lord has been good to you