Will Prince is in Kindergarten

Lord help us, I am not sure if the world is ready for this.

Something strange happened in the fall of 2005 and into the winter of 2006.  All the kids I know who were born in that little window are freakishly similar, unimaginably strong willed, and quite possibly some of the funniest kids I have ever known.  If you do not know my 5 year old Will, allow me to describe him for you.  He thinks he is a teenager.  Dresses like one, sleeps until 11am like one, has a sassy teenager mouth that gets him in trouble daily.  Will also believes that one day he will be Justin Bieber.  Not that he will be like Justin Bieber, he once told me that when he is a teenager people will think Justin Bieber just didn’t grow up and that Will is now him.  He wants to know why I will not drive him to Justin Bieber’s house so he can ask him if he will teach Will to play the drums.  When I asked what Will thought JB would say if asked, Will just looked at me like I was crazy and said, “He would say yes.”  He started taking drum lessons and I am pretty sure he believes he could get up on stage and play with anyone already.  Will Prince loves shoes, and clothes, and belts.  If you give him money he will go buy clothes or shoes, not toys.  He has the cutest little blonde curly surfer hair, he likes to point out that he gets tan and I do not, and he has lips that you just can’t help but kiss.  God made him cute for a reason, otherwise I might have sold him to gypsies by now!  He is unteachable because he already knows everything and when he is not talking back and displaying his little man syndrome to his brother, he is the sweetest human that ever was.  But it is not just Will, that whole group of kids of my friends are this way.  They have just a little more attitude than the average 5 year old.  They all walk with a little swagger and make their moms want to scream.  And this year, they all started Kindergarten.  I have been praying for Will’s teacher for months now and am so blessed that he has one of my friends as his assistant teacher and a precious young teacher just out of college.  Already, Will is cracking me up with his observations of kindergarten, I’m sure he will keep them coming.

Jeff: So how was your first day?

Will: I mean it was fine, but we were there FOREVER.  I think we were there at least 3 hours.

Jeff: I think you were there more like 6 hours.

Will: Whatever, might have been at least a million.


Me: How was your first bus ride?

Will: It was good, but pretty dangerous.  I almost fell out of the window and died when they turned so fast

(NOTE… and people wonder why I am terrified of the bus!)


Me: So what was your favorite part of the day?

Will: Nap time, we played rock, paper, scissors, dynamite (apparently this is the new more extreme version).

Me: Did your teacher like you playing during nap time?

Will: No (said is a completely condescending 5 year old tone), we only played until she heard us and made us stop.


So, Will had a great start to the year.  He is completely exhausted after school and I am excited to see what new exciting things he comes home to tell me this week.  I know this has nothing to do with cooking or My Preppy Kitchen, but I had to share!  All my moms with new Kindergartners & their teachers – HAVE FUN!  It just gets more exciting from this point on.

Will with his sometimes idol, most times nemesis, Jake