A cool link

If you live in the West End area of Winston-Salem and are interested, someone (thanks Kevin) sent me a link to a website that does something very similar to what I am hoping to do with My Preppy Kitchen.  It is called Dinners on the Porch.  Looks like they just deliver to the West End area though so look to be sure.  Must be a great idea if someone else already thought of it!

I am not deterred though!  Maybe I can develop a small area of my own – 27103, LVC?  I have been on a roller coaster of emotion while trying to figure out this kitchen situation.  I absolutely have to find somewhere to cook that will not cost me a fortune or require that I sign away the rights to my teeth to lease.  If this is meant to be, God will provide.  I trust in that!

Real food blog coming tonight – sorry for the slack blogging, I’ve been focused on the kitchen!  Thanks for all of your support.




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