Dash, Rain, Funnel Cake, and the Perfect Food. Life is Good.

No big cooking post tonight because it was date night for Jeff and I at the dash game. Although the game was rained out and never even got started, I have to say 2 hours away with the kids at home with Mimi, a beer and a funnel cake… life is good.  The song Alright, by Darius Tucker (aka Hootie if you are from my generation) came on at the ballfield and they showed the video on the big screen. That song pretty much sums it up for me.

“When I lay down at night I thank the Lord above
For giving me everything Iif ever could dream of”

Like I said, a beer, no kids for 2 hours and a funnel cake… close to heaven.

On the subject of funnel cake though, I was just telling Jeff that I once read that eggs and avocados are considered to be among the most perfect foods, I would like to argue that perhaps funnel cake is too. Then I corrected myself with the acknowledgment that salsa is by far the perfect food. If given the choice to eat only one thing forever hands down I would go with salsa.

What is your perfect food? Leave me comments to chime in!


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