Saving Money on Food?!?!

Quick poll, while I am working out this kitchen situation…


Have you ever looked at how much money you really spend every month on food?  I don’t mean just on groceries or just on eating out.  I mean really look at every penny – what you spend on groceries, eating out, even those impulse buys of sodas or snacks.  If not, you should look at it.  When you do, think about if you would like to know how to spend less, DRAMATICALLY LESS, on food each month.  While I am getting all of this kitchen stuff figured out, I am going to start to blog each day not only about what I am cooking, but what each meal per serving actually costs to make.  I will let you know where the foods I am making are on sale and where you can get the basics for less.  I will help you stock your kitchen with the basics you need to get going.  We are a family of 5 and now spend less monthly on food than we did when it was just Jeff and I!  We jut ate out so much!

Comment below to let me know if you think this would be helpful and anything else you want me to include.

Until I can do the real prep work for you, let me do the pre-prep work!  I’ll find the recipes, shop the sales, and let you know how to feed your family, or yourself, for a fraction of what you have been spending.  Forward to your friends or like this post on Facebook, they might thank you when they have money left each month so shop for the fun things, not just food!

4 responses

  1. I have been thinking about this for years. I jokingly tell Carlton that I spend so much on food because the grocery store is the only shopping I do any more. We spend so much on food and so much goes to waste. It is ridiculous and it just makes you feel bad. I always have good intentions, and tend ot pick meals with too many ingredients and that are too complicated and time consuming for week nights. My love of trying new recipes and excitement about cooking always gets the best of me. Then I realize the meal has taken twice as long as it should with all the little interruptions with three kids, and the kitchen ends up looking like a disaster area. So this takes the joy out of my love for cooking, and then we are back at square one. I am looking forward to your meal plans and shopping lists.

  2. I will also be taking advantage of this service! I hate to grocery shop because of the bill at the end! Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks, Casey!

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