Need a place to cook

Well, here I am, one week into this little adventure and my first big bump in the road.  My wonderful husband began researching for me today on how exactly this business will run once I start doing the weekly meals and really start catering and baking full time.  I didn’t know what all needed to be done for tax purposes and getting approved to sell food so great guy that he is, he looked it up for me.  Rain on my parade!!!  I knew there had to be regulations for a home based food business, I didn’t know how strict though.  Well my friends, it is worse that I thought.  There are all sorts of restrictions on what you can and cannot prepare in your home, basically only baked goods, some canned items, dry mixes, and candies.  But, nothing at all in a home where a pet lives.  Tae is a goldendoodle who does not shed and believes he is a person, but he is a dog nonetheless.  So, I need a new plan ladies & gentlemen!

I need your help.  If anyone knows of a space with a commercial kitchen in the Clemmons, Lewisville, Advance, or Western Winston-Salem area that they would like to lease to me a few mornings a week please let me know!  I don’t need anything more than a kitchen, just have to be able to have it inspected by the health dept.

I know this is just going to be a little road block.  I truly believe this business is meant to happen and if it is, this will work out.  I do not have lots of money to rent a big space and I do not want to borrow money not knowing how much I will be bringing in.  But, I love to cook, I have had a ball making these plans, and I am going to work hard to figure it out.  God willing this will happen, just bear with me while I figure it out.  Until then, I’ll keep blogging, sharing recipes, and if you need food for a party, I will just come to you and prepare it!  There is no law against that!

Thanks for all of your support!


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  1. Check with local restaurants–they might know a place that has gone out of business and needs a renter. There are so many restaurants in & out of business that it might be worth a shot! Also, church kitchens? Good luck!

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