My Cooking Extravaganza

Tonight I did not cook.

Mainly because I cooked quite literally all day.    I decided today was a good day to try out some recipes that I have orders for next week and make sure they are just how I want them.  So I cooked, and I baked, and I cooked some more.  The results… mostly great!  Jeff and the kids enjoyed the spoils of my labor for their dinner and I got to spend the evening with some fabulous teenage girls eating my salsa with pretzels because I came without tortilla chips.  I barely made it at all, much less with the salsa which I literally made in the 3 min before I walked out the door!  We ate snacks and watched The Princess Bride – one of the cheesiest movies of all times if you have not seen it.

I was planning to make a big batch of my yummy homemade chicken salad so I bought a whole chicken and cooked it and cooked it until it just fell from the bones.  If was absolutely buttery (if boiled chicken can be described as buttery).  And the broth that remained was so rich.  I can’t wait to use it in soup!  I never got around to making the chicken salad so that will come tomorrow.

What did I make?  Mini Beef Wellington, zesty jalapeno and cilantro curry stuffed eggs, and chocolate caramel cupcakes.  The big disappointment of the day?  The cupcakes!  Don’t worry Terry, they will be right for you next week!  It is not that they tasted bad, they just were not what they were supposed to be,  I have a million chocolate cake recipes, and for these, I was using what I thought was the best to combine with caramel.  Either I did something wrong or I remebered this recipe completely different than it was in reality!  It just was not chocolatey!  So, I start again tomorrow morning.  Anyone looking for an afternoon snack of chocolate cupcakes, stop by!  This is why I test recipes, to make sure they are just as they are supposed to be before I serve them.  The beef wellington was quite delish and I have a feeling I will have to make them again for my kids because they ate them up!

If you are a devilled egg person, then you have to try my new obsession.  My sweet sister happened to call during my cooking extravaganza today and said, “oh, you have to make curry devilled eggs!”  And so, with that suggestion, I came up with a plan and I have found one of my favorite new things.  I can seriously eat my weight in devilled eggs so I am always looking for new, gourmet ways to prepare them.  Tomorrow, I am trying wasabi… not sure how that will turn out but I am going to get creative.   Now, to add that to my already yummy bacon & scallions and zesty jalapeno, I think I might just have a whole day dedicated to making new gourmet stuffed eggs!  I should raise chickens, I’m sure the neighbors would like that, right!  Will and Jake could take care of them and I’m sure Tae (the goldendoodle) wouldn’t bother them at all…  That is just what I need.  Thanks goodness my mom just found a farm where I can get free range brown eggs that you do not have to sell a limb to be able to afford!  When I get the details of that I will pass it along for those of you who like me want the good stuff but also want to be able to afford something other than food!

And now, here it is almost midnight again and I need to rest my bones!  Thanks to everyone who has been reading & for the orders I have already taken.  I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your support.  If you like reading, click to follow my blog!

Come see me for some treats tomorrow afternoon!



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  1. Casey, your website looks great and I love the name!! It really is too bad we are not closer because I would love your food I know. I am going to try the hush puppies and if you share the mini beef wellington recipe I would love that also.. At one time I loved to cook but now I would rather buy casseroles or meals already prepared. Good luck!!

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